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2023 Fall IDN Summit and Expo

Meet HANDLE Global at the 2023 Fall IDN Summit and Expo in Phoenix, AZ.

Your 2024 Capital Budget Essentials

In today's rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, it's crucial to ensure your budgeting strategies are aligned with cutting-edge technologies and efficient processes. We address four essential questions that every healthcare finance leader should be asking themselves.

5 Tips to help capital stakeholders get a better HANDLE on this year’s budgeting season

HANDLE has worked with health systems across the US to put together 5 tips to help make a capital stakeholders’ budgeting season a bit easier this year.

Get a HANDLE on Your Healthcare Cybersecurity Risks

HANDLE offers a variety of solutions to help health systems predict, prevent, and mitigate cybersecurity risks. Learn how we can help supply chain and finance professionals take an active role in cybersecurity management.

Vizient & HANDLE Global Partner to Create Capital Intelligence

HANDLE and Vizient's joint solution is the first capital operating system deployed across the entire healthcare continuum for maximum efficiency, visibility, and strategic use of capital.

Capital Utopia

Join us on our mission to achieve “Capital Utopia” with safer and cost-effective care through innovative data management and strategic collaboration.

Don’t let data get lost in translation during M&A activity

The deployment of CCM® paired with HSCx’s services can help healthcare organizations successfully navigate M&A while ensuring that there are no gaps or blind spots in capital fleet data.