How HANDLE Global's CCM® Can Save Lives During a Medical Device Recall

HANDLE’s approach to recent recalls is an example of how CCM® empowers healthcare leaders to rapidly respond to crisis situations, sharing the latest information instantaneously and ensuring a high-risk device is never used on patients.

Published on
November 8, 2023

In the fast-paced world of healthcare, where every moment counts, timely and accurate information is critical to optimize patient outcomes and minimize organizational risk. Recently, the healthcare industry has faced a number of recalls, including the Olympus UHI-4 high-flow abdominal insufflation unit in late October. The need for a swift response to these crises was paramount, and HANDLE Global's innovative platform, CCM® (Capital Cycle Management), emerged as a hero in critical situations. HANDLE’s approach to these recalls is an example of how CCM® empowers healthcare leaders to rapidly respond to crisis situations, sharing the latest information instantaneously and ensuring a high-risk device is never used on patients. 

The Challenge: Identifying and Responding to a Critical Recall

When the most recent recall was announced, healthcare providers nationwide faced a daunting task. The traditional process of dealing with recalls involved generic notifications from vendors or third-party tools. Healthcare facilities had to validate whether they possessed the recalled device, a process complicated by various naming conventions used in different databases - our federated data set had 75 different variations of the Olympus UHI-4 product name, meaning that even someone who knew exactly what they were looking for might still not be able to find it. This cumbersome process often leads to delays, leaving patients and healthcare providers at risk.

During the recall, CCM® changed the game for customers nationwide by providing a proactive solution to this challenge, transforming a potentially chaotic situation into a well-coordinated response that saved lives and mitigated risks.

One HANDLE customer said, “This information is very helpful. I’ve copied our materials management director at (redacted facility name). We didn’t receive the recall in our system. I think it’s best to send this to engineering so they can make a note of it.”

The Solution: CCM® - A Game-Changer in Healthcare Asset Management

HANDLE Global's CCM® platform offers a unique approach to handling recalls, featuring key components that proved to be instrumental in its success:

  • Alert and Visualization: CCM® enabled healthcare providers to access federated data, providing a centralized hub for real-time information on their fleet of assets, including the impacted units, to streamline the recall identification process. Unlike generic recall alerts, CCM® provided detailed information on exactly where recalled assets were located within healthcare systems. The platform went beyond mere acknowledgment of the recall's existence, offering precise details about active units and enabling healthcare providers to make informed decisions promptly.
  • Mobilization and Stakeholder Engagement: After identifying the affected assets, CCM® facilitated immediate mobilization efforts. The platform allowed healthcare facilities to flag the impacted devices and promptly notify relevant stakeholders and executive support teams. This rapid communication enabled the quarantine of the necessary assets, preventing further harm.
  • Documentation and Confirmation: CCM® offered a robust documentation system, allowing healthcare providers to confirm the quarantine of impacted assets. By labeling these devices as "recall-quarantine" within CCM®, healthcare facilities ensured transparency and accountability in their response efforts so that stakeholders, including biomed/clinical engineering, supply chain, clinical users, and finance teams, were updated, informed, and empowered to respond effectively. 

A Safer Future with CCM®

Recalls serve as a powerful testament to the impact of HANDLE Global's CCM® platform on healthcare safety. By providing real-time visibility, precise information, and facilitating rapid response, CCM® has not only saved lives but also set a new standard in healthcare asset management.

As we move forward, it is clear that innovative solutions like CCM® are essential in ensuring the safety and well-being of patients and healthcare providers alike. HANDLE Global's success story stands as a beacon of hope, illustrating how technology and collaboration can pave the way for a safer, more efficient healthcare future.

HANDLE Global remains committed to revolutionizing healthcare practices, one successful response at a time, and embracing a future where patient safety is never compromised.

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