Super-Charged Sourcing

We realize that your sourcing teams understand your organization's needs the best; HANDLE is here to make their lives easier.

What is Super-Charged Sourcing?

We use advanced analytics, machine learning technology, and our pricing benchmarks to identify opportunities that optimize your procurement approach across the organization.

Assist With
RFP Processes

Help establish your organization’s needs and goals and identify and evaluate potential suppliers.

Analyze Pricing
& Vendor Data

Leverage data in our extensive pricing database to support pricing analysis and vendor negotiations.

Audit Contract

Review existing contracts and ensure you get the best deal possible.

Vendor & Equipment

Include provider preferences in vendor and equipment selection to improve satisfaction and productivity.

Negotiate Local Vendor Agreements

HANDLE provides negotiation support and expertise, pricing and spend analytics, and customized bid calendars.

Dedicated Sourcing

A dedicated strategic sourcing specialist works with clients to understand their equipment needs, target specific OEMs, and negotiate local agreements for capital equipment.

Strategic Sourcing Vs. Procurement

The healthcare supply chain has transitioned from a transactional to a strategic and integrated approach, enabling organizations to reduce costs and improve patient outcomes by creating a supply chain that aligns with clinical needs, cost, and value of products and services.
Strategic Focus On Categories & Suppliers
Long-Term Strategy
Holistic Approach
Identify and Manage Risk or Upside
Narrow Focus on Single Vendor & Category
Short-Term Thinking
Profit-Loss Approach
Lack Risk or Upside Considerations
opportunities You
Might Be Missing out on

HANDLE is the helping hand that your sourcing team has been asking for.

Committed Spend Savings

CCM® tracks OEM acquisitions and empowers your team to leverage spend across an OEM portfolio to negotiate deeper value.

Getting Strategic With Suppliers

Stop reps from calling your team sporadically, and plan strategically for special projects, initiatives and standardization opportunities.

Operational Efficiencies

Ensure your organization is leveraging consistent pricing, contracting models, and service agreements with your OEM partners.

Increasing Employee Satisfaction

Ensure your team has consistency everywhere they are inside your organization by creating clear capital standards.

Calculate Your Potential Return On Investment