The New Way
To Budget

Create budgets backed by real-time data, accurate forecasting, and customized priorities.

Proactive Budget Intelligence

Our budget tool blends Artificial Intelligence with human expertise and industry data to help you make the right decisions for your organization.

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Budget Allocation

We Know Every Dollar Counts

Allocate budget dollars based on strategic initiatives and capital needs on a single screen.
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Leverage fleet health to inform financial allocation
Build dynamic capital budgets
Enhance scenario planning processes
Project Selection

Create Alignment with Capital Stakeholders

Utilize data insights to identify assets for replacement and new capital purchases.
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Prioritize asset replacement by risk
Visualize capital requests and supporting data
Extend projects through multi-year budgets
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"CCM® provides fleet visibility across our health system and allows our foundation to collaborate with donors to target philanthropy at a capital replacement need. CCM® illustrates where equipment standardization should be addressed."

Tracy Cleveland
VP of Supply Chain
Budget Management

Plan confidently for entire asset lifecycles and multi-year projects.


Leverage our flexible budgeting application to manage multi-year projects, marry construction, IT, or other costs with capital, and integrate directly with your financial planning solution.


Strategically align purchases from the same vendor across your organization. Track and communicate order statuses through ERP integrations.


Track disposition methods and trends, and uncover new opportunities to recoup costs by leveraging the HANDLE Marketplace.