Medtronic/Minimally Invasive Therapies Group

Medtronic/Minimally Invasive Therapies Group Signia™ Stapling System SIGPHANDLE


Unlimited available


Powered articulation, rotation, and firing with one hand

The world’s first smart stapler is here. And it’s transforming surgical stapling — single-handedly.

Because the Signia™ stapler:

Delivers consistent staple lines1,2

Provides precision and maneuverability with fully powered articulation, rotation, and clamping3

Displays real-time feedback on an easy-to-understand LED screen4

Frees your other hand to focus on the surgical site4

Feels well-balanced in your hand during use5

The Signia™ stapler is compatible with our existing reload portfolio featuring the proven performance of Tri-Staple™ technology, which:

Generates less stress on tissue6

Allows greater perfusion into the staple line7

Delivers outstanding performance in variable tissue