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SciCan BRAVO 21V PrePost Vacuum Sterilizer - Certified Pre-Owned BRAVO-21V


Manufacturer: SciCan
  • Condition: Refurbished
  • MPN: BRAVO-21V
  • Quantity Available: 10
  • Unit of Measure: Each
  • Qty Per UoM: 1
  • Expiration: None

The SciCan BRAVO 21V Pre/Post Vacuum Sterilizer (#BRAVO-21V) is certified to proper operating specifications and in excellent condition.

Warranty: 6 Months - Parts and Labor.

The SciCan BRAVO 21V Pre/Post Vacuum Sterilizer is a fractionated vacuum sterilizer that incorporates both pre-vac (to remove air) and post-vac (to help drying) cycles to ensure perfect steam penetration for any load. It can be used to sterilize both wrapped and unwrapped instruments quickly and efficiently.

The BRAVO can sterilize three full-size cassettes or up to 20 pouches at once. Its speed provides rapid cycles for all types of instrument loads. This vacuum sterilizer is ideal for dental clinics, laboratories, surgical centers, and any other settings requiring rapid, reliable, and efficient daily sterilization.


SciCan BRAVO 21V Pre/Post Vacuum Sterilizer Features

  • The BRAVO is one of the fastest chamber autoclaves on the market, sterilizing and drying autoclaves on the market, sterilizing and drying instruments in as little as 24 minutes.
  • Closed door drying and Dri-Tec drying system work together to give you lightning fast and consistent dry loads every time, in turn allowing more loads to be processed daily.
  • Single use Pull'n Push water system.
  • Sterilization can be initiated by a single button. Once the BRAVO has been properly loaded, the user can choose from one of four pre-set cycles as defined by the user.
  • Patented door locking mechanism and steam generation system.
  • Single use water feature guarantees fresh water with every cycle. Fresh water reduces the build up of oils and debris.
  • Rear automatic filling option can pull water from a 10 liter remote bottle placed up to six feet away.
  • Direct-to-drain port facilitates automatic drainage eliminating the need to manually drain the reservoir.
  • Numerous sterilization cycles with a wide array of parameters. This allows the user to choose the appropriate cycle for the load, either wrapped or unwrapped.


SciCan BRAVO 21V Pre/Post Vacuum Sterilizer Specifications

  • Size: 25" x 19" x 16.5" (63.5 cm x 48 cm x 42 cm).
  • Volume: 5.5 gallons (21 L).
  • Chamber Dimension: 10" x 17.5" (25.4 cm x 44.5 cm).
  • Weight: 139 lb (63 kg).
  • Voltage: 220V, 10A.
  • Environmental Operating Conditions:
    • Temperature Rating: +15C to +40C.
    • Relative Humidity: Max. 80%, non-condensing.
    • Altitude: Max. 3,000 m (a.s.l.).
  • Noise Level: < 60 db (A).
  • Sterilization Programs:
    • Available: 10.
    • Presets: 4.
  • Preheating Time (from cold): ~ 10 minutes.
  • Cycle Times:
Cycles (134C @ 4 min.) Cycle Times Max Load Weight
Porous (handpieces) / Wrapped 40 minutes -
Hollow (handpieces) / Unwrapped 32 minutes 16.5 lb (7.5 kg)
Solid / Wrapped 28 minutes 8.8 lb (4 kg)
Solid / Unwrapped 23 minutes 16.5 lb (7.5 kg)


SciCan BRAVO 21V Pre/Post Vacuum Sterilizer Literature

SciCan BRAVO Chamber Autoclaves Brochure

SciCan BRAVO Chamber Autoclaves User Manual

SciCan BRAVO Pre/Post Vacuum Sterilizer Brochure

  • Weight: 140 lbs
  • Height: 20 inches
  • Width: 24 inches
  • Depth: 27 inches
  6 Months