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Beckman Coulter Hematology System Coulter LH 780 771996

Manufacturer: Beckman Coulter
  • Condition: New
  • MPN: 771996
  • Unit of Measure: Each
  • Qty Per UoM: 1
  • Expiration: None

Improve cell enumeration accuracy with AccuCount Technology

Includes Workstation, monitor, power supply printer and line conditioner.

Drop Ship Only. 

Improve productivity with WBC linearity that extends from zero to 400,000 and platelet linearity that extends from zero to 3,000,000

Increase clinician confidence at clinical decision thresholds without additional costly testing protocols

Enhance productivity with a reduction in false positive results and confirmatory tests

Reduce aspiration volume with the uniquely designed Sample Aspiration Module, ideal for pediatric sampling

Simplify and automate NRBC enumeration

Eliminate the use of additional reagents since NRBCs are automatically enumerated with every CBC/diff

Identify and enumerate NRBCs without manual intervention

Improve productivity by reducing the need for technologist intervention and sample reruns 

Optimize workflow with intelligent workload distribution that delivers rapid TATs and quick STAT and ED results

Streamline data management with improved decision support

Standardize laboratory processes across all shifts with user-defined decision rules

Customize the system to meet the needs of your lab and its specific patient population with flexible differential flagging

Receive unparalleled service and support

Increase uptime and productivity with onboard diagnostics and troubleshooting assistance, or with remote diagnostics support PROService

Receive top-quality customer support through our telephone, online and on-site services

Streamline workflow with advanced barcode reading

Enhance efficiency and patient safety 

Read even low-resolution barcode labels with innovative imaging technology 

Maximize reliability by eliminating moving mechanical parts

Expand your insights with the RDW-SD parameter

Determine the size of red cell dispersion with the standard deviation of the width of the red cell population (RDW-SD) 

Possibly differentiate the cause of anemia 

Identify possible iron deficiency with elevated RDW-SD 

Identify possible heterozygous thalassemia with normal or decreased RDW-SD

Extend your quality control

Obtain an exponentially weighted moving average of CBC, 5-Part Diff and NRBC, as well as reticulocyte parameters, with the XM quality control package 

Process user-configurable batch sizes for two to 1,000 runs, for up to 20 batches 

Implement medically based performance standards and user-enabled rules with extended QC Rules package 

Make your consumables environmentally friendly

Optimize both workflow and performance with unique LH 780 consumables

Reduce formaldehyde processing with Coulter LH Series Cleaner

Extend the reportable range for WBC, RBC, HGB and PLT with Coulter LIN-C Linearity Control

Select from available cyanide-free reagents 

Simplify training with the intuitive user interface

Shorten the learning curve and facilitate use

Expand laboratory staff’s capabilities to access and control information


UPS 12 Month Warranty/ Off site training for one person.