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Hiring Manager

Andrew McCloy


QA Resource


Louisville, Kentucky





Job Description

Join us as a QA Resource - Championing Unparalleled Quality in Healthcare Tech!

Company Overview:

HANDLE Global, a leading healthcare supply chain analytics and fulfillment solutions provider, is dedicated to revolutionizing the healthcare industry by providing cutting-edge software solutions. Our innovative products help healthcare providers optimize operational efficiency, enhance patient care, and drive business growth.

What Sets You Apart:

  1. Proactive Innovator: Dive into HANDLE Global, the groundbreaking SaaS powerhouse in healthcare. As we ascend, we seek a QA Resource with the vision and agility to sculpt our software into a beacon of excellence.
  2. Automation Architect: Within your first month, identify automation opportunities, and lay the foundation for a robust test automation strategy. Your foresight will drive test automation coverage and reduce testing durations.
  3. Precision Tactician: Your meticulously crafted test plans will range from smoke tests to UAT, ensuring every software facet is polished to perfection.
  4. Performance Pioneer: Harness the power of advanced testing tools. Simulate real-world scenarios, target a surge in system response times, and demonstrate our software's resilience to thrive when increasing current user load.
  5. Collaborative Force: Become the linchpin in cross-functional sessions, slashing defect resolution times. Collaborate seamlessly with both onshore and offshore teams, spanning product managers to developers.
  6. Compliance Guardian: Spearhead a watertight QA compliance checklist, ensuring every software release gleams with a perfect compliance badge.
  7. Risk Strategist: Conduct in-depth risk assessments, pinpointing software's vulnerable corners. Your targeted test scenarios will drastically minimize critical defects in the live environment.
  8. Continuous Catalyst: Stagnation isn't in our dictionary. Regularly reviewing and enhancing processes, you ensure we remain on an upward trajectory in performance, security, and scalability.
  9. Integration Maverick: Ensure a harmonious merger of software modules and third-party APIs, making certain that our solutions operate like a well-oiled machine.
  10. Regression Guru: Post-update application stability is your playground. Your rigorous regression tests ensure our software stands unshaken and reliable, regardless of the enhancements thrown its way. 
  11. Data Maestro: We see data as the compass to quality. Your dedication to leveraging stakeholder feedback and industry best practices will enhance QA process efficiency and increase defect discovery rates.
  12. Challenge the Norm: Ready to redefine software quality in healthcare? Take the leap with HANDLE Global. Together we’ll forge new pathways in healthcare technology and deliver unmatched excellence. 

Qualifications and skills:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or equivalent combination of education, training, and experience.
  • 3-5 year track record of excellence in improving software quality and achieving higher customer satisfaction scores, with a focus on SaaS applications preferably in the healthcare sector.
  • Implemented innovative QA methodologies, tools and processes that resulted in a reduction in defect density and increase in overall testing efficiency. 
  • Proficiency in automated testing frameworks and test management systems, leading to faster release cycles and improved software reliability.
  • Proven expertise in performance testing that achieved a system response time improvement and ensured optimal application scalability. 
  • Demonstrate analytical problem solving by identifying critical defects and providing data driven solutions, resulting in a reduction in post-release defects.
  • Showcase strong communication and collaboration leading cross-functional QA initiatives that achieve a reduction in defect resolution time through teamwork.
  • Passion for maintaining the highest standard of software quality by participating in continuous learning and industry-related certifications.

HANDLE Global is an equal opportunity employer committed to valuing and promoting diversity. We base all employment decisions on merit, competence, and business needs, without discrimination based on protected statuses. All qualified applicants are encouraged to apply.

Shape the future of healthcare tech with data-driven QA; be our next innovator at HANDLE Global. Apply Now!