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Hiring Manager

Jason Gabbert

Project Executive

Inventory Specialist


Louisville, Kentucky


Operations / Warehouse



Job Description

Join us as an Inventory Specialist - Perfect the Pulse of Our Inventory.

Company Overview:

HANDLE Global is a healthcare supply chain analytics and solutions platform. We have worked with the Federal Government and private sector to tackle the most challenging problems. Our team is led by former provider, manufacturer, and technology executives and we are leading efforts to redefine the healthcare supply chain as it changes in real time. We are purpose driven and want to make an impact (a big one) in the world. HANDLE Global has been recognized on the INC. 5000 fastest growing companies four years in a row.  

What Sets you Apart:

  1. Master of Inventory: Dive into the mission of HANDLE Global. As we surge ahead, we're in search of an Inventory Specialist ready to ensure precision at every inventory touchpoint.
  2. Precision & Passion: Our inventory is our lifeline. As an Inventory Specialist, you'll ensure that from the moment products enter our warehouse till they're dispatched, everything is spot-on. Quality checks, recording asset details, and resolving discrepancies? That's your domain.
  3. Vigilant & Versatile: It’s more than just counting boxes. You're the gatekeeper of our inventory's accuracy, ensuring every product matches our manifest and is accounted for in our tracking system.
  4. Detail Oriented Detective: Your knack for noticing even the slightest discrepancies ensures our inventory's integrity. Working closely with Account Representatives, you'll solve inventory mysteries and ensure our counts are accurate every single time. 
  5. Multi-faceted Marvel: Whether it's assisting with freight claims, conducting regular audits, or collaborating with the logistics team, you wear many hats – and wear them all with pride and precision.
  6. Tech Titan: From handheld scanners to Microsoft Office Suite, especially Excel, your tech-savviness ensures our inventory tracking system always reflects reality.
  7. Team Anchor: You're not just an individual contributor; you're an integral part of our success story. Cross-training in data entry, updating inventory systems, and supporting team members - your versatility keeps our operations running smoothly.
  8. Commitment to Excellence: At HANDLE, we're driven by perfection. If you're ready to be at the frontline of our inventory operations, ensuring precision at every step and crafting an error-free future, apply now. Let's make inventory management an art together. 

Qualifications and skills:

  • High School education or its equivalent in education, training, and experience.
  • 1-2 years of experience in inventory management or quality control of inbound/outbound shipments.
  • In-depth knowledge of healthcare assets is a plus.
  • Subject to background investigation.
  • Exceptional organizational and time management skills with acute attention to detail.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite (Excel expertise is beneficial!).
  • Independent problem-solving prowess.

HANDLE Global is an equal opportunity employer committed to valuing and promoting diversity. We base all employment decisions on merit, competence, and business needs, without discrimination based on protected statuses. All qualified applicants are encouraged to apply.

Ready to shape the future of inventory management with us and redefine accuracy in every count? Let’s journey to greatness together. Apply now!